5 Reasons You Need An Online Business Manager

Discover the 5 reasons you need an online business manager.

Are you an entrepreneur or coach that should consider the 5 reasons you need an online business manager? Maybe you aren’t quite sure if you fall into that category or not. Never fear! I’m here to guide you through that process.

Let’s back up a little. Think back to when you first started your business. You built everything from the ground up all by yourself. Maybe you built your own website, or posted your own social media.

Things have changed, however. Over the years as you got busier, you recognized the need to have help in your business. So you hired a virtual assistant, or two, to take some of the tasks of running a business off your plates. 

Fast forward a few years, and your virtual assistants are wonderful helpers. They are amazing! But once again you are feeling stretched thin. If this is you, it is entirely possible that your business has once again grown to the point of overwhelm. It’s a good thing!

Within the online business community, you keep hearing about online business managers and how they help businesses scale. You wonder if your business may also be at the stage where you need an OBM.

How To Know When It’s Time To Hire An Online Business Manager

When you’ve got a proven business model and you’re making 6-7 figures each year, it is time to consider hiring an online business manager. This is not the only determining factor, however. Listed below are five reasons you need an online business manager in your business.

  1. Your team is growing. Whenever you hire someone, it takes time to onboard, train, delegate, and oversee the tasks you assign to your virtual assistants. With an OBM on your team, she will be the one handling all of these details. This frees you up to focus on serving your clients and growing your business.
  2. You don’t have any SOPs. SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. These document the steps of each recurring task that occurs in your business. They are also great for training new virtual assistants. An OBM will identify recurring tasks within your business and oversee the creation of the SOPs.
  3. You don’t have automated systems and processes. A huge part of scaling your business is implementing automated systems and processes. As you may well know, doing everything through email can be time consuming. An OBM oversees the automation of systems and processes in your business. As a result, you gain that time back to dream up new goals and projects for your business.
  4. You don’t track your metrics. Tracking metrics is an important indicator of how well your website is attracting potential clients or how well a product is selling. If you aren’t tracking these things, you could be losing out on new clients or income. An OBM sets up systems to track metrics and then makes a plan to improve your business in the areas being tracked.
  5. You hate planning projects and launches. Offering new services or products is a key factor in growing your business. If you are not creating a detailed plan for creation and promotion of your new offer, you are not maximizing the potential for that service or product. OBMs create a detailed plan for the creation, technology, and before and after launch promotion. The plan includes what needs to be done by what date and by whom.

Keep in mind that even if you feel your business is ready for an OBM, you will still need your virtual assistants. OBMs delegate, and virtual assistants do. An OBM becomes a member of your current team. For a great visual, check out my last blog post which includes a graphic that addresses this organizational structure.

Yes! I Need An Online Business Manager!

If you checked all the boxes after reading the 5 reasons you need an online business manager above, it’s a good indicator that your business is ready for an online business manager. Imagine all the possibilities with the time you will regain when you hire an OBM! I’d love to talk with you about your business and how I can help you with my services. Set up a time to chat with me by filling out my website contact form.

P.S. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or coach and you don’t really fit the scenario described above. That’s okay because everyone does business a little differently. If that’s you, I still want to connect with you during a free, no-obligation coffee chat to determine the next right step for your business. I’ll let you know if you need a VA or if you’re ready for an OBM. I’ll also give you tips on what you can do as your business grows so you will be ready for an OBM when that time comes.

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