Doing What Feels Right For My Business


I’m committed to doing what feels right for my business. Usually when you hear someone say something like that, your mind immediately takes you to customer service. It’s important to treat our clients well.

In this case, though, I’m talking about doing what feels right for my business because of how God created me. You see, I’m more than a business owner who treats her clients and their business as if it were my own. When I’m not at my desk, I’m a homeschool mom to four daughters who have been instrumental in shaping who I am today.


When the Coronavirus entered the United States and quarantine orders were given, our lives were drastically changed. In our family, two of our daughters who were attending college moved back home. Our third daughter, who attends the local high school full-time, was now around all day. After spending a week of getting things settled at his office, my husband also came home to work. All of a sudden, our once “quiet during the day” house was very full all. day. long.

Some may look at this as a struggle and inconvenience to have such disruption enter their lives. Yes, it’s true. Life today looks much different than it might have without the Coronavirus.

During this season, however, I’ve chosen to see the blessing. You see, our oldest daughter was supposed to graduate from college several weeks ago. Along with college graduation comes the fact that your child is old enough to move out and get an apartment of their own. Yikes! This will most likely be the last time we will be under the same roof together on a long-term basis.

Virtual Retreat

Several weekends ago, I attended a virtual retreat for my group coaching program hosted by my business coach. We were originally supposed to meet in person, but, you know, Coronavirus.

Being the amazing woman that she is, my coach decided to do something virtually instead. She had some awesome speakers! The one that stood out to me most personally was Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities

Brit’s presentation was truly life changing for me. Because of my personality type, ISFJ, she literally gave me permission to ignore what everyone else has been telling me about how I should market my business and to do what feels right to me. 



What’s An ISFJ Got To Do With It

You see, I don’t really enjoy putting myself out there to the masses. I prefer making close connections and investing in genuine relationships. I want to help others and give value. It’s how God created me.

I find joy in knowing that what I’m putting effort into is actually touching someone’s life and making them better or making things easier for them. When I broadcast a value post in a Facebook group, I feel like I’m helping no one. For me, that’s exhausting, and it mentally drains me.

So when I read through Brit’s 65 page, yes you read that correctly, report that gave me permission to drop the things that are exhausting me and feel yucky, I was ecstatic! I’m having even more coffee chats and really getting to know other women in the online business world.

What this meant to me also was that it was okay to step away from my blog for a season. Because of Coronavirus, we are blessed to have all six of us in our house living as a family unit one more time before the girls start truly moving out to build their own homes. It truly is a blessing! I want to soak in every minute. I want to remember the specialness of this time I’ve been gifted. By taking a break from writing my blog post, I can put that time and energy into serving my clients well which will never change.

Now What?

So does that mean I’m done writing blog posts forever. No, probably not. I have a great bucket of content that I think my readers will find helpful. But right now, my heart’s not in it. My heart is in serving my clients well and focusing on my family during this time. I want to enjoy this gift in time we’ll never, at least I hope never, get back again.

My point, do what feels right for your business. Don’t let others tell you what you should be doing. Amen! (I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thank you!)

P.S. If you want some suggestions for keeping your business organized, check out my blog post on why you need systems and processes in your business.

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