Finding A Work/Life Balance

work/life balance
Finding work/life balance can be a challenge, but with some planning, it can be achieved.

Finding a work/life balance can be a challenge for many of us. If you are a business owner, it can be even more of a challenge because you are often the one in charge of everything. Staying visible by engaging on and posting to social media, developing new products to offer to your audience, and keeping your financials updated are all time consuming tasks that need to happen when you are running a successful business.

But many of us also have families. The last thing we want to do is spend our evenings and weekends working while our families and friends are off having fun. The challenge comes in finding a work/life balance that works for you and your business.

The Importance Of Work/Life Balance

Many of us have families, and that takes a lot of work, but we still have value and purpose to give to the world which is why we’ve started businesses.

We love our families. It’s our desire to serve them well. We recognize that they are growing and will be gone and out into the world before we know it. We feel it’s our responsibility to raise them to be kind and productive citizens in this world. It takes a lot of time and energy to do this, and we don’t want to drop the ball because we feel it’s our highest calling while on this earth.

We also have a purpose to serve others with our gifts. God gives each of us gifts that we can use to serve others. Using those gifts in a productive way is a high calling as well. Figuring out how to use them to serve others is most likely how you ended up running your own business. 

So here we are. Women who are passionate about our families and our work. It’s important to find the balance of how to manage both well. Being a mom and business owner are both high callings that God can use to touch the lives of others.

Ways To Find Work/Live Balance

In order to find a work/life balance, we have to be efficient in both areas. We also need to be willing to outsource and let others help us along the way.

In our personal life, that may mean hiring someone to help us clean the house or watch our kids for a few hours. As you decide how to ask for help, think about your values and what is important to you. If you find that you are always eating take-out but having a meal around the table each night is important to you, maybe you need to consider a meal service to reduce the effort it takes to make a meal. Be creative! If it’s a struggle for you, most likely someone has thought of a solution. If you can’t hire someone, ask a friend to trade services.

As you begin to consider outsourcing tasks in your business, make a list of the tasks you complete in your business. Divide the list into tasks that only you can do and a list of the things someone else could do. As you add things to the list of tasks someone else can do, begin to document or record the steps. This will ensure that the team member you hire is set up for success which will save you time and headaches in the long run.

As you begin to document your processes, you may find ways to optimize your process. Consider using software and automation to save time. Whatever you can’t automate should be put into an SOP. (For a free SOP template, visit my website homepage and sign up to receive one in your email inbox.) If you work on these steps gradually, you will find that you are saving time and your team will be much more productive.

Final Thoughts

The time to start working towards work/life balance is now. Don’t wait until you are staying up until midnight and working every weekend to begin outsourcing and documenting your systems and processes. Do it now before you experience the overwhelm and chaos that can occur when running a business. Your family will thank you for it ~ and so will your future team members!

To achieve work/life balance, be willing to outsource tasks others can do for you.
To achieve work/life balance, be willing to outsource tasks others can do for you.

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