How to Make Your Client Journey Memorable

client journey
Happy clients are ones who refer you to their friends.

We all want to know how to make your client journey memorable. After all, if you can make it memorable, clients are more likely to return for additional services. More often than not, they will also recommend you to their friends.

With so many other businesses competing for the same clients you are, you want to make sure you stand out. Paying attention to the big and small details of your client journey can make a big difference. 

Also, how you treat your client will make a lasting impression. After all, our emotions play a big role in what we decide to purchase. If you can speak to your client’s emotions in a positive way, they are more likely to stay a satisfied client. Satisfied clients will return to you for future services as well as refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Make Your Client’s Journey Smooth

People don’t have a lot of time on their hands. If your client is coming to you, it’s most likely that they need help in a particular area because they don’t know how to do something or because they are short on time.

If they are short on time, they don’t need ten emails in their inbox when one would have been sufficient. They don’t want back-and-forth emails to schedule a call. 

A CRM can help you keep track of client projects and save both you and your client time. When your client fills out a website contact form and gets an email immediately to schedule a call with you, they’ll take notice. When they pay the invoice and get a kickoff questionnaire immediately, they’ll feel like you value their time and project. 

With a  CRM like Dusado (affiliate) or Honeybook, you can create templates and automations to save you time during your client onboarding. Having all of this set up will help make your client feel special because they are getting quick responses.

It doesn’t stop with onboarding your new client, though. Your client journey continues all the way through the end of their project. Utilizing a project management tool, like Clickup (affiliate), will ensure that the process is smooth and nothing gets forgotten. Checklists, sub-tasks, due dates, and assigned tasks are all a part of ensuring that your client feels valued every step of the way.

Speak To Your Client’s Emotions

Your clients look to your for help. They may be feeling overwhelmed or stuck. You are the answer to their problems. As you work with them, be sure to put them at ease by meeting them where they are emotionally. Reassure them that you can alleviate the pain points they are feeling. From there you can shine by doing what you do best. 

As you interact with your clients, be sure to always put them at ease by what you say and do. Let them know you can help ease the way they are feeling. Instead of focusing on the negative, try to have empathy for the way they are feeling. Encouraging words can go a lot further in helping them to succeed rather than a harsh response. 

By the end of their time working with you, they should feel the opposite of the way they felt when they first started working with you. By paying attention to their emotions during your client journey, you can help them feel confident that you are the answer to their problems.

Client Gifts

Client gifts are another way to make your client feel special. There’s all kinds of gifts you can give a new client. If you can brand the gift to their business, your clients will feel even more special.

Personally, this is an area where I struggle. I am not a gift giver by nature, so I’ve had to discover what feels good and natural for me. I like to really get to know my clients and give them a something that will delight based on something they’ve said. In the past, I’ve even given books that might inspire a client in an area they are passionate about. 

A client gift doesn’t have to be a major investment. I have learned that my client like a hand-written note and coffee shop gift card as much as they do a box of spa items. Taking the time to sit down and write a hand-written note means a lot because time is our most precious commodity. 

Giving a client a gift will help keep you top of mind when they have an opportunity to refer someone to you. If, like me, you are not a natural gift giver, figure out what you can do or say to express your appreciation for them hiring you.

Make Your Client Journey Memorable

Making your client journey memorable doesn’t take a lot of work. Streamlining your process by using software and automation tools can help ensure that your client is being well-taken care of. Interacting with your client in a way that conveys you are working to relieve their pain and make things easier will bring a sense of calm to them and their situation. Giving a token of your appreciation and your time together will only add to their experience.

If you are unsure about how to make your client journey memorable, reach out to me and let me help you! We can have a strategy call to discuss what your journey currently looks like and brainstorm ways to improve it. Fill out my website contact form to schedule a call today!

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Make your client feel valued, and they return to you for services in the future.

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