My Journey To Becoming An Online Business Manager

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Let me tell you, I never dreamed I’d be an online business manager!

Isn’t it the truth that most of us never dreamed we’d be doing what we are many years later. There are so many paths that each of us travel down. No two paths are the same.

In The Beginning

Before becoming a mom, I had worked as a remedial reading teacher, student loan recovery officer, and personal banker. Never did I think I would really get to own my own organization business.

All of my previous jobs were great. However, when I held my newborn for the first time, I knew immediately that I wanted to be the one to raise her. After a quick 6 weeks back in the work force while my husband studied for his bar exam, I began my years as a stay-at-home mom .

New Season Of Adventure

Fast forward 21 years through homeschooling, leading children’s ministry and a homeschool group that I helped start, and I am in the midst of my next adventure – freelancing. I bring a lot of skills that I’ve gained during those years to this gig.

I started this new season of life by taking Micala Quinn’s Overwhelmed to Overbooked course. The course does a great job walking you through the steps of starting your own business. It also gives tips on how to get those first clients. It is an awesome course to get you started because she provides very basic action steps. If you are interested in more information about her course or would like the starter kit she offers, click here.

After securing a few clients and finishing several projects, I knew that I wanted to do something more than virtual assistant work. I loved what I was doing, but I wanted to use my leadership skills to guide a business to sustained success.

Going Down The Highway…Lookin’ For Adventure…

One afternoon, while driving that once small baby mentioned above to her GRE, I listened to a podcast interview with Sarah Noked. She was explaining the role of an online business manager (OBM). Sarah is the course leader for the nationally recognized OBM certification course. Right away I called my husband to tell him that I had found my calling in online business.

Shortly after that, I signed up for the OBM certification course. It is so chocked full of juicy material for those of us who geek out on organizing anything with systems and processes. I highly recommend this course. If you are interested, you may get more information by clicking here.

What’s An Online Business Manager?

An online business manager (OBM) handles the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics. This frees up the business owner so she can focus her time and energy on the things that only she can do. Once an OBM is in place, the business owner can spend more time in her zone of genius and even take a vacation.

Because I have taken the OBM certification course and invested in myself, I can invest in the businesses that I work for by streamlining processes so the business runs more smoothly. It brings me great joy to help a business owner get everything in order so the business will continue to grow and scale sustainably.

If you think maybe it’s time for you to have OBM services in your business, check out my online business management services page and then set up a free discovery call with me. I’ll help you decide if now is the right time for you to hire an OBM. If it is, I’ll share how I can serve you. 

(This article contains affiliate links which simply means that if you would buy a course, I get a portion of the cost at no additional cost to you.)

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