Tips For Managing Your Team

managing a team
When you manage your team well, you will earn their trust and respect.

Whether you are new to managing a team or you’ve been doing it for awhile, these tips on managing your team will give you some things to think about. When you hire a team, it’s important to create an atmosphere of collaboration for the common goal. While keeping everyone happy, you also want to make sure they feel challenged in their work.

When you successfully manage your team, you will find your team members going the extra mile to do their best and accomplish things in a timely manner. So how do you get there? It takes some work to make everyone feel appreciated. In the long run, though, your team and your business will be successful.

Lead With A Servant’s Heart

One of the best tips, I feel, on managing your team is to lead with a servant’s heart. When you do this, everything else happens naturally on it’s own. What does it look like to lead with a servant’s heart?

Leading with a servant’s heart means you are creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation with your self-sacrificing attitude and actions. You only ask your team to do things that you are willing to do and pitch in  to help the team achieve the overall goal.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you turn your head the other way when a mistake is made. Rather than get upset, though, you handle the problem in a kind and honest way by supporting your team members and turning the situation into a positive experience to make sure the mistake doesn’t happen again.

Make It Easy To Start Working With You

Making a good first impression is important with a new team member. The onboarding process should be quick and efficient while also ensuring they receive a warm welcome. 

This all begins before the person gets the job. Take the time to put an onboarding process in place before you hire a new team member to ensure a smooth process. From the very beginning, you will earn the respect of your new team member because you will be organized as you onboard them with confidence. When a leader displays these qualities from the beginning, the team members feel confident about following their leader.

Communicate Often With Your Team

managing a team
Communication is vital to produce an atmosphere of collaboration on your team.

Communication is key. Especially at the beginning, it is important to check in with new team members often. Make sure they are getting the information they need to do their job well. Ask if they have any questions about the business, the team, or their responsibilities. 

By communicating often, you are able to set expectations for the job they’ve been hired to do. It also gives you both a chance to get to know each other better. Your team member is a real person. Take the time to get to know them, their family, their business, and their dreams. It’s important to acknowledge that you realize they have a life outside of the work they are doing for your business.

Invest In Your Team Members

Yes, your team members have agreed to do the work for you. However, keep in mind that your team members also have a business of their own that they are wanting to grow. 

Take the time to get to know each team member personally and be willing to ask them what goals they have for their business. This may even help you grow your business. In a conversation, you may find that your team member has an interest in something that would benefit your business. By providing opportunities for them to learn this new skill, you could be helping your own business grow while also showing them you care about them personally. 

Earn this respect from them, and they will begin to develop a sense of ownership for your business. As a result, they will end up working harder to produce quality results.

Compliment Your Team Members Often

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. When you lead by delegating tasks rather than dictating tasks, your team members will feel valued. A valued team member will contribute more to the success of your business than someone who feels like they have no voice.

Another very important way to show your appreciation is to compliment your team members often. While it’s important to tell them what they’ve done well in your 1:1 meetings, it’s also important to tell them how much you appreciate them in front of others. Public recognition always gives someone a confidence boost.

 It’s also fun to celebrate special dates. As you onboard a new team member, be sure to record and set reminders for important dates such as their start date and birthday. As those dates roll around, do something special. You could send an email to all the team members to let them know it’s a special date for their teammate. You could also send a gift card or a package to commemorate their special day. Whatever you decide to do, your team member will end the day feeling appreciated.

Suggested Books On Leadership

Of course, there are many books available about leadership. As a leader, it’s important to take time to learn what you can be doing to serve your team better. Some of my favorites are listed below.

The Bottom Line On Tips For Managing Your Team

When you lead your team well, they will work hard to achieve the common goal of your business. It’s important to treat your team members with respect by trusting them to do their job well without micromanaging them. Once you have their respect, they will work hard to produce quality work beyond your expectations. All of your efforts towards producing a place of trust and compassion within your team will pay off in the long run.

managing a team
Follow these tips to earn your team’s respect.

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