Why You Need A Project Management Tool

Having a project management tool will set your business and team up for success.

Many business owners are lacking a critical tool in their business. Some don’t have it because they don’t know it exists. Others lack it because they are stubborn and don’t want to change their ways. Unfortunately, this latter group is not willing to change their ways for the betterment of their business and team.

Without having a project management tool in your business, you are setting your business up for failure. Tasks may get forgotten about, details about a client’s project lost, everything is done at the last minute, and a whole host of other problems may occur. All of these issues create a reactionary feeling which leads to overwhelm and unhappy team members who may end up leaving.

Features Of A Project Management Tool

Most project management tools are designed to do much more than just manage a project. It can also be a place to store important information for team members, help you schedule your marketing content, and keep track of team members tasks.

Stay Organized

When working on a project without a PM tool, you risk loosing important information or missing deadlines. A robust PM tool will allow you to attach all the important documents you need for a project.

If a client sends you an important document, simply place it in your Google Drive to store it and then link it to the project. Now, with just a click of the link, you can find that important document. No more scrolling through and opening every email from the client to find one document.

Meet Deadlines

There are always deadlines when managing a project. Rather than just storing them in your head or on a piece of notebook paper, assign those dates to the project. Most PM tools will also allow you to assign a start date. With this feature, not only do you know the due date, but you also know when you need to work on a project so you can meet the deadline.

Good Communication

All PM tools allow you to assign team members to projects or tasks within a project. This helps make sure that everyone on the team is clear about who is responsible. 

Most PM tools also allow you to communicate with your team. Again, instead of having to search for an email, you can communicate right within the project. The benefit is that decisions made are easy to find and you have a history of all communication.

Why You Need A Project Management Tool 

These are just a few of the reasons why having a project management tool is critical to the success of your business. Having a project management tool, and actually using it, will set your business up for success and make your team happy. 

Personally, I love ClickUp (affiliate link). There are so many great features for working with a team and automation. Plus, they accept suggestions for how to improve the software and are coming out with new features all the time. It’s simple to use. 

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Be productive and manage your business, team, and projects with a project management tool.

P.S. Do you already have a ClickUp account but need help organizing it? This ClickUp for Business Template is a plug-and-play option to help you get organized in your ClickUp account. Plus, it has training videos to teach you some tips and tricks of using ClickUp. Check it out today! 

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